„The key to the satisfactory application of visualization lies in getting appropriate information on the negative.“

— Ansel Adams

Darkroom Solutions

Embrace the artistry of analog photography with us, your trusted partner in the world of film! With over two decades of hands-on experience, we are here to nurture and inspire photographers who cherish the magic of film. Whether you're seeking guidance on development times or need assistance with your specific push, dilution, temperature, and agitation settings, we've got you covered.

Discover the secrets behind your favorite films with our interactive Film Development Chart, and let our intuitive Development Time Calculator do the math for you. Available now for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it's like having a photography guru in your pocket!

Join us on this exciting journey into the realm of analog photography and transform your creative vision into beautiful reality.

Looking for film developing times?

Browse for developing times in our Film Development Chart. It is the world's largest database of film development times based on the manufacturer's instructions. Currently, the database:

  • consists of 50855 entries,
  • supports 377 films and
  • includes 324 developers.

Together with equal film material and developer chemicals you can get development times for total 325471 combinations.

Need a developing times calculator?

Try our Film Developer App available for Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Its features are:

  • Offline version of the FDC
  • Calculator for missing entries
  • Multi-step timer included
  • Sound notifications
  • Darkroom light support