Film Developer Timer App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The ultimate app for your film developments.

It contains the world's largest database of B&W film development times recommended by the manufacturers.

★ The FDC, a comprehensive database of film processing times, is backing this app. It consists of the authentic development times from the product sheet tables of the respective producers.

★ The film processing time calculator estimates missing entries of the database with respect to push/pull, dilution, temperature and agitation.

★ A timer is included in the app. In addition to the developer timer you can define timers for presoak, stop bath and/or fixing.

The features are:

  • 49133 database entries
  • 348 films and 309 developers
  • Calculator for missing entries
  • Online community database
  • Manually adjustable times
  • Agitation reminder
  • Customizable multi-step timers
  • Favorite development settings