"The key to the satisfactory application of visualization lies in getting appropriate information on the negative."
— Ansel Adams

Darkroom Solutions

We have over 25 years of experience with analog photography. Our aim is to support all the enthusiasts of analog photography.

If you want to develop your film and you don't know the development time: take a look in our huge dev times chart.

If you miss entries for your push, dilution, temperature and agitation settings, then try our development time calculator. It's available as smartphone app.

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Looking for film development times?

Browse our huge development times chart: The

Comprehensive Development Times Chart.

It's based on the manufacturer's instructions. Currently, the database: Together with equal film material and developer chemicals you can get development times for total 60789 combinations.

Need a development times calculator?

Try our Film Developer Timer App available for Android devices and Apple iPhone iOS.

Its features are:



The development times of the database are based on the product sheet tables of the respective film and chemicals manufacturer. All development times are meant to be starting times for your own adjustments.
We give no warranty!


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